Her kan du løbende lære mere om min faglighed og min metode.

Om mig


I am a certified pattern breaking coach and am also a certified systemic draftsman. Education that has changed my life – both private and professional.

I have worked as a primary school teacher for 14 years, and before I got my own business, I worked for 3 years at a school as a child and young coach, where I worked with the psychologist, management, teachers and parents on the well-being of children. In addition, part of my job was to create better job satisfaction in the workplace through collegial supervision and sparring.


Certifications and education:


  • Certificeret coach i mønsterbrydning ved Sara Tornø
  • Certificeret coach i systemisk opstilling ved Mette Nordahl
  • ‍Uddannet i systemisk opstilling og familieopstilling på ISFO
  • Cool kids vejleder
  • Mindfulness underviser
  • Hverdagens helte